Parking updates for visitors
Parking updates for visitors

For those who are as of yet unaware, one of the many benefits of our new location at the Historic Dockyard is that it is one of the most enviable filming locations for blockbuster productions in the country.

You may recognise our surroundings from films such as The Golden Compass, Sherlock Holmes and Les Miserables, as well as TV shows such as Call the Midwife, Mr Selfridge, and the upcoming biographical drama Gandhi.

While this all sounds very glamorous (and we believe that it is!), a caveat of all this cinematographic charm is that the serenity of our halcyon surroundings is sometimes broken by the lively bustle of film and TV production crews. While this is not a commonplace occurrence, we thought it prudent to list any changes here in advance, along with how they may affect your visit, so that you can plan optimally ahead.



The main, and likely only, difference that will befall any of our valued clients who wish to come and see us will be the change in available parking arrangements. Under normal circumstances, visitors are welcome to park in either of the green shaded areas outlined in the map below:

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However, during times when filming takes place, vehicular access is prohibited to the car park directly in front of The Fitted Rigging House. In times such as these, we would kindly ask that you park at the Helipad car park (easily distinguished by the presence of a helicopter in front of the car park entrance) and avoid attempting to park directly outside our office, as delinated in the map below:

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A member of our team can be available to meet you outside or direct you to our office if this is your first time visiting and you're unsure - please simply call reception at 01634 394 045 to request this.

We will periodically update this page to ensure that it is accurate for all future dates. We look forward to seeing you at our premises - and please remember to ask for some Carleys chocolate the next time that you're in. Thank you for your patience!

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